In the movie Spotlight, which won the Best Picture Oscar this year, we watched the child abuse that took place in the church for years, the cover-up of this situation, and the struggle of journalists to reveal the incident. Abuse

was hidden for years, there was no attempt to punish the abusers, and most importantly

abuse was tried to become normal. In fact, it was remarkable that the situation of the abuser, who himself was abused in childhood, was perceived as normal.

After a similar scandal broke out in our country, childhood abuse came to the fore.

Country. Along with the violent incidents on the agenda, the abuse incidents also created distrust and uneasiness in the society.

We live in a society that does not see many childhood events as abuse, prefers to cover them up, and avoids talking and discussing. This means that for years

marriage in childhood was considered normal, incest cases were kept secret within the family

, rapes were hidden out of fear and misunderstanding, domestic violence was not directed at children

The emotional deprivations applied are ignored.

When we talk about childhood abuse, we should not forget not only sexual but also physical and emotional abuse.

Many studies show that children who are subjected to abuse are It has been shown that adolescents and adults have higher psychological problems. Depression, anxiety and personality disorders are more common in these children. Regarding the abuse experience, it is known that characteristics such as the severity and duration of the abuse, the identity of the abuser and the degree of closeness to the child are also associated with developmental outcomes as risk factors.

I If the abuser is a relative of the child, especially the parents, if the abuse has occurred for a long time and if the child has been subjected to severe abuse, the devastating effects on the child are more severe.

Same. What should also be taken into consideration is that people who are abused may themselves turn into abusers.

Social awareness, taking the necessary precautions, a healthy family structure, taking legal regulations to protect the child, and ensuring that crimes do not go unpunished are important.

Our priority should be to change the mentality that raped people are searched, where the mentality is adopted that those who do not beat their daughters will beat their knees,

where the emotional needs of the child are ignored.


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