Marriage is the art of living and growing together. In marriages that experience the difficulties of being a couple, we mostly see difficulties related to communication, empathy, sharing and trust. While extended family problems may cause conflict in the early years of marriage, problems such as communication, excessive sharing, and sexuality are more common in later marriages. Many children live in single-parent homes, whether due to divorce, cohabitation, or having children without marriage. As society becomes economically stronger, we see more divorces, marriages at older ages, and more single-parent families. With the rise of individualism in recent years, people have begun to seek greater personal satisfaction from their partners. They wanted more happiness and expected less hardship and sacrifice. In order to be normal and healthy, constant and frequent enjoyable interactions are needed in a long-term, caring and caring relationship. All people need to feel comfortable, loved and valued in a relationship, and if these do not occur, problems begin to arise.

When problems in the relationship begin, nothing else becomes unthinkable: depression, alcoholism, eating

In addition to psychological problems such as disorders, physical problems may also begin to occur. Research

shows that people who are in satisfying and supportive relationships are happier and healthier


Decreased marital satisfaction causes conflicts as well as the inability to resolve these conflicts


It causes problematic marriages.

Difficulties may also occur in children growing up in problematic marriages. The way parents approach each other will reflect on children's behavior and personal development. �r. It is not the existence of conflicts in marriage, but the frequency of conflicts and how they are resolved, that determines the quality of the marriage. Therefore, it is necessary to resolve the problems that create problems in the development and maintenance of the couple's relationship, and to seek professional support when they cannot be resolved within the family.

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