With the widespread use of drugs, we see that the age of use is also decreasing

. Easily obtainable, curiosity, the need for relaxation, and psychological problems are among the reasons for the increase in its use


It has calming and stimulating effects, which creates an increasing desire to be taken when not taken

We call the chemical substances that cause withdrawal symptoms drugs.

Drug use for young people begins with the thought that nothing will happen in their circle of friends, that I can control it.

Even single use is extremely risky. With repeated use

addiction develops. When used, it causes physical and

psychological damage through its effects on the brain and internal organs. Once the substance enters the body, the cells recognize it and memorize it so as not to forget it. For this reason, the potential for addiction is the same for everyone.

Drug use not only reduces brain functions, but also causes serious deterioration in a person's physical health, social, professional and

family life.


In order to prevent people from starting to use drugs, it is important to inform young people, have a healthy family structure, have parents take care of their children and know who they are friends with, school success, and be interested in sports


Addiction can be cured, but serious effort and time is required for recovery to occur.

The most important step is that the addict wants to receive treatment. Addiction treatment varies depending on the person and the type of substance used. It is impossible for a person to quit using substances alone; it is necessary to get support.

The children of parents who have psychological problems, use substances themselves, and are indifferent to their children

The risk of substance use is high in children with low school success, conduct disorder, and shyness.

Once addiction develops, its treatment is difficult and costly. If the necessary psychosocial

precautions are not taken after recovery, the possibility of recurrence is high. Taking preventive measures is very valuable in preventing addiction.

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