Almost all kinds of relationships go through turbulent times. Establishing the marriage on a basis that is less susceptible to problems depends on the mutual efforts of the parties. Problems between spouses should not cause concern that the relationship may experience a corresponding unhappiness. A stable relationship needs time. However, thinking that conflicting issues will be resolved on their own without getting to the bottom of them can create irreversible points in marriage. Before reaching this stage, all kinds of opportunities and resources should be evaluated over time, both within the partnership and in the light of support received from outside.

In order to establish and maintain a healthy relationship, spouses should be aware of their duties. These tasks are not just the division of labor established in daily life. In order to have a happy marriage, actively sharing in every issue and being able to express feelings and thoughts are among the duties that play a role in strengthening the bonds of spouses. Even though such duties are not expressed very concretely in society, couples should learn these responsibilities during the marriage process and teach them to each other.

Although the ideal relationship is not seen as a relationship free from problems, it consists of conscious individuals who have learned how to overcome the problems that may arise. occurs. These people can determine the steps to be taken for a solution in the light of the inferences they gain from their experiences. They have correct communication skills. They have developed the behaviors of working together, showing solidarity and understanding.

They should feel and make others feel the flexibility to act as a whole that needs each other when necessary, and as an individual independent of each other when necessary.

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