Ways to Prevent Negative Thoughts

Ways to Prevent Negative Thoughts

Thoughts are activities created in the mind by a situation, emotion or event. Thought involves processing perceptions of the outside world; It enables the ability to make decisions, take precautions, and evaluate.

The mind sometimes repeats a negative thought in an inextricable cycle around a thought. As you stay in this cycle, anxiety and stress levels increase, it becomes difficult to change the focus of the mind, get out of negative thoughts and create new thoughts instead, focus and attention problems may begin to be observed, and as the functionality in life decreases, negative emotions and thoughts are reinforced again and again.

Well, in the mind, How can we prevent negative thoughts from repeating themselves?

1. It would be useful to start by parsing the thoughts. Which thoughts are thoughts that we write into negative scenarios, catastrophize and are processed incorrectly? Creating a 'Diary of My Negative Thoughts' helps both to externalize these thoughts and to be able to notice thought errors when we look at them in the future.

2. Being able to appreciate positive situations, thoughts, and achievements. Negative thoughts arise from negative focus. One should try to focus on positive situations and emotions that are going well, no matter how big or small.

3. Avoiding making generalizations will be an important resource that will help us gain correct thinking skills. 'I'm late today, my whole day will be miserable', 'My relationship didn't go well, I'll never be happy'... Such thoughts are ways of thinking where we generalize situations based on a single example and strengthen the negative focus. At this point, 'Bad things may happen, I can deal with them; It would be useful to adopt the idea that "good things can happen and I can be happy with them."

4. The ability to stay present provides us with a powerful coping strategy against negative thoughts. It is observed that as thoughts fluctuate between the past and the future, negative thoughts increase and become unmanageable. 20 minutes of exercises a day will be useful in gaining this skill. Focus only on the stimuli in the environment for 20 minutes at home, at work or while walking; people around, colleagues We can spare 20 minutes for ourselves where we focus only on external stimuli, such as your living room, the trees outside, what the weather is like, how the ground you sit on and the ground you step on makes you feel.

A.W Hare 'Thought; wind, knowledge; 'The sail is the sail, and humanity is the boat itself.'

5. If the thought has a functional and positive focus, it acts as an accelerator. If it is negative and we cannot control it, it will deviate our route. It will become easier to take control with the exercises we will do and the right thinking strategies we will acquire.


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