Chronic Fatigue and Ozone Therapy & Weight Loss with Ozone

The current problem of our age is fatigue, the increasingly intense and stressful working life in recent years, and the high tempo of modern life. For some reason, it becomes chronic and affects many people.

Research has shown that chronic fatigue syndrome affects approximately 70% of women, especially women in the 30-50 age group. Again, it is more common especially in educated, high-income, working and white-collar people. If you have fatigue that causes fatigue, this condition can be defined as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Stress, which is a part of life, can lead to other diseases if not controlled, and is also the most important cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.


It is possible to lose weight with ozone. Ozone applications work by increasing a person's physical performance and accelerating his metabolism if his metabolism is slow. With these effects, he loses weight by burning more calories than normal.

Ozone therapy, which is applied twice a week in the form of 10-session cures for slimming purposes, is accompanied by only healthy people. It gives surprisingly successful and healthy results when supported by nutrition programs. This effect can be further increased with an ozone sauna.




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