While sweating is naturally seen in humans, excessive sweating can cause major problems

. Especially as a result of the increase in sweat released to the surface of the skin due to the overactivity of the sweat glands, excessive and disturbing sweating that affects daily life may be observed in the person. The person's quality of life is negatively affected.


Since the amount of sweat can vary from person to person, the diagnosis and evaluation of excessive sweating is often difficult. The secretion of sweat is directly proportional to the functioning of the nervous system in humans.

Excessive sweating is a problem encountered in 1 percent of the society.

The most important causes of excessive sweating are stress and various stimulating drugs (insulin). ,

overactivity of the thyroid gland, diseases of the adrenal gland, menopause, hypoglycemia,

obesity, drugs and hormones used in the treatment of some cancers. Sweating also causes many health problems, from systemic diseases to diabetes, from heart failure to carcinoid syndrome.


In practice The most common form; It is the type that is caused by stress and causes sweating in the palms, soles, armpits and, less frequently, in the face and groin. /p>

and negatively affects the person's physical and social life. Such conditions

can occur especially in the hands, soles of the feet, face and body. With stress, rapid sweating is observed in these areas.

Botox treatment; It is especially used for sweating in the hands, soles of the feet and armpits.

Sweating in the hands, soles of the feet and armpits has been around for ages. i hem

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