Burning While Urinating and Bloody Urine

Burning While Urinating and Bloody Urine

The discomfort expressed in the form of burning while urinating is the pain and burning sensation that the person feels during or after urination. It is the most common symptom of urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection is usually an infection caused by E.Coli bacteria, related to the spread of bacteria from the urinary tract to the bladder.

Which Tests Should Be Performed in Persons Who Have Bloody Urine?

In case of an infection in the urinary tract, urine In addition to the burning complaint, bloody urination can also be observed. The examination to be requested in the first stage is "full urinalysis". Bleeding and infection can be detected with this examination. By examining the blood cells microscopically, it can be found from which part of the urinary tract the bleeding originates. Second examination; urine culture. According to the bacterial growth in the urine, the diagnosis of infection is made and appropriate antibiotic treatment is started. Cytological examination of the urine is done in the suspicion of cancer. Renal functions are frequently checked with blood tests after urinalysis. For this reason, the urinary system should be visualized.

How is Urinary Tract Imaging Performed in a Person Who Urinates With Blood?

Ultrasonography is the first-choice method for imaging, and kidney and urinary tract can be evaluated for the presence of stones or masses. X-rays can also be used to search for stones, and the gold standard method for detecting the presence of stones in the urinary system is Computed Tomography. With this method, it is also possible to examine the internal and external structure of the kidney and urinary tract in detail. Biopsy can be performed from areas deemed necessary for diagnostic purposes. Cystoscopy is also the only method to examine the external urinary tract (urethra).

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