Cervical Cerclage

Cervical Cerclage

Cerclage is applied between the 3rd and 4th weeks of pregnancy. It is the process of placing stitches on the cervix to prevent the cervical area from opening between the months of 2020-2018.

It is generally performed under a light anesthesia. Cerclage is an operation performed to prevent cervical dilatation and premature birth in those who have a dilated cervix, those who have previously experienced premature birth and baby loss due to cervical laxity, those with a thinning of the cervix on pregnancy ultrasound, and twin pregnancies.

Cerclage is always performed to prevent premature birth.

It prevents premature birth. If the uterus has started regular labor contractions or the pregnant woman's amniotic fluid has started to come from the vagina, cerclage does not prevent this and birth is inevitable.

But still, in very premature births, in cases where the patient needs to be hospitalized and treatment needs to be started to prevent premature birth, you can close the cervix and consult a physician.

Very rarely, bleeding may be observed after cerclage operations. In our clinic, we recommend cerclage at the 14th week. After the procedure, our patients can rest in the clinic for about an hour and then return home.


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