LPG Effects

- It helps burn the fat accumulated in unwanted areas and remove it from the body with the help of the lymph system.

- It supports having a taut and tight abdomen.

- It helps to get in shape by tightening the sagging armpits.

- It supports the elimination of cellulite and the orange peel appearance on the skin.

- It helps to redesign the lines in a proportional manner by reshaping the body.


- It helps to achieve physical contraction.

- It is effective in areas where slimming cannot be achieved with diet and exercise.

- It supports the thinning of the fat pads formed around the waist.

- It helps accelerate blood and lymph circulation in the vacuumed tissue by creating negative pressure.

Situations in which LPG should not be applied;

- If pregnant or breastfeeding,

- 3 months after normal birth,

- 6 months after cesarean section or open surgery,

- If there is extensive varicose veins or capillary problems in the application area,

- If you have a history of cancer, LPG application cannot be performed for at least 5 years, provided you get approval from your doctor.

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