Pressure Relievers

Pressure Relievers

Silicone coated tube: It is custom-made to relieve the pressure area by cutting it as much as desired.

Silicone metatarsal pad: It is protective for the bottom of the comb area. It prevents friction and ensures soft pressure on the calloused area. It does not create excess in shoes.

Silicone finger protection ring: It is used as a pressure reliever during the treatment of calluses and warts. It eliminates friction. It can be placed point by point. It can be applied as a protector against hammer toes, skin thickening and calluses, and minor injuries on the fingers and toes.

Silicone finger hood: Removes calluses between the fingers, fingertip pressure. It helps relieve sensitivity problems of spots and nail bed. It is an ideal relaxant fortoes.

Silicone roller: Prevents the toesfrom overlapping each other in case of bone dislocation problems, between the toes. It protects against calluses, friction and skin irritations. It helps to keep deformed and overlapping fingers straight.

Silicone thin pad between fingers: It corrects and prevents fingers from rubbing against each other and overlapping. It corrects finger postures. It protects against friction, skin irritations and calluses. It is suitable support for finger correction and bunions.

Silicone bunion pad: It helps people with bunions as a result of bone protrusion near the thumb (Hallux Valgus) to walk. It is worn inside the socks.

Silicone under-finger crescent: It is protective and preventive against skin irritations and callus problems that develop on the fingertips. It lifts the fingertips.

Night Splint: It is a corrector used at night for the treatment of bone dislocation near the thumb.

Hammer finger Splint: It helps to bring the toes that are upturned and whose posture is distorted, to the correct posture. It ensures soft pressure on the metatarsal heads.

Call pad: It protects the area where calluses form from friction and the point under pressure from becoming callus. It is anti-inflammatory. It is preventive and protective against skin irritations.

Heel cushion: It is used to keep the heels soft. It is soothing for painful and tired heels.

Epin Pillow (Pillow for heel spurs): It is a soft support with a hole in the middle that reduces the pressure on the painful area in heel problems, popularly known as heel spurs and heel nails. .

Shortness Piece: It is a cork heel pad placed on the heel to eliminate the difference in length between the two legs.

Metatarsal Pillow: Metatarsal head inflammations. It is an aid used to relieve the metatarsal part of the foot and reduce the pressure of that area in problems such as drooping of the front sole.

Toe roller: To prevent the fingers from overlapping as a result of bone protrusion problems near the big toe. is used. It prevents skin irritation by preventing the fingers from rubbing.

Bunion cushion: The thickening of the joint under pressure is called bunion. It helps reduce the pressure of the bunion inside the shoe and makes walking more painless.

Foot File (Fotfil): It is used to remove skin thickening on the feet. It has two aspects: thick and thin.

Insole: It is used to control foot sweating and to ensure comfortable stepping with its soft texture.

Finger. Hood:Reduces the pressure on the fingertip, protects the sensitive area from impacts in case of ingrown nail problems and makes shoe wear comfortable.

Crescent under the finger: Used to reduce the pressure on the fingertip. Ideal for ingrown nails, toe calluses and friction.

Silicone heel cup: Epin is an effective pressure reducer for calcaneus (heel spur) problems and achille tendon disorders.

Scaphoid Pad (Arch Support Piece): It is applied as a curve corrector in cases of low longitudinal arch of the foot, low base or base height and similar problems.

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