What is Curettage? How To?

What is Curettage? How To?

Curettage therapy is used in the treatment of gum diseases. This method is one of the options for treatment. It is successfully applied to get rid of inflammation in the gums.

Gum Diseases

The most common disease in the gums is gingivitis. In this sense, it is very important to pay attention to our oral health. However, sometimes, no matter how careful we are, it is possible for tartar to form. Factors such as genetic factors, smoking, poor eating habits or diabetes predispose to the formation of plaque on tooth surfaces. These plaques turn into tartar and cause gingivitis.

Treatment of Gingivitis

The first step in the treatment of gingivitis is cleaning the teeth. Mild gingivitis will go away with this procedure. You will not experience the same situation with serious dental care afterwards.

However, the inflammation may have progressed and spread towards the tooth roots. In this case, all inflammations are cleared with curettage treatment. What is curettage treatment and how is it done? Let's explain a little more for those who are wondering.

The aim of curettage treatment is to completely clear the inflammation. Because inflammation is a spreading problem. After the tooth roots are opened and cleaned as necessary, they are glued back on. In this way it is possible to get rid of serious inflammations. Curettage treatment is not a surgery. It is a simpler application. Problems on the tooth root surface are solved with an easy method. However, it is beneficial to strictly follow your doctor's recommendations after treatment.

Is Curettage Treatment Sufficient?

When gum diseases progress, it can cause a very painful process. Not only that, it also leads to tooth loss. That's why it is necessary to get treatment. Progressing disease may lead to osteoporosis, beyond tooth loss.

Curettage treatment for gum diseases is very important. Perodontology specialists in our clinic perform these procedures successfully. Many of our patients recover after curettage treatment and there is no need for gum surgery.

You should definitely go to the doctor to prevent gum problems from growing and becoming unbearable. Oral medicine in the treatment of gum diseases Current methods and cleaning are very important. You should not ignore our doctors' advice on this matter. For a healthy mouth, you should take care of your gums as well as your teeth.

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