Vaginal Dryness Vaginismus

Vaginal Dryness
In the condition called vaginal dryness, complaints of burning, tingling, pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse are observed in the vagina.

Changes occur in women's vagina during the hormonal cycle. Estrogen (female hormone) causes thickening of vaginal tissues. The veins in the vagina provide nutrients and oxygen, and they maintain the elasticity and health of the vagina. The amount of vaginal secretion and mucus is affected by many factors;
– Hormones
– Exercise and sweating
– Distribution of blood vessels and nerves
– Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses
– Genital pain , trauma and stress

– Low estrogen level; It can be seen during menopause and breastfeeding.
– Use of low dose birth control pills
– Genital organ cancers
– Damage occurring during birth
– Psychological problems
– Sexual dysfunctions
– High blood pressure
– Multiple Sclerosis disease
– Uterine prolapse
– Urinary incontinence
– Some medications
– Previous surgical intervention in genital organs
– Allergic reaction to the latex contained in condoms gynecological examination is performed. Once the cause is determined, treatment is recommended. Creams and vaginal gels containing estrogen reduce this complaint. In addition, hormone replacement therapy during menopause is useful in preventing vaginal dryness.

Vaginismus affects the vaginal muscles and legs when sexual intercourse is desired. is the involuntary contraction of muscles. This painful condition prevents penetration into the vagina. This situation can often be due to a previous sexual trauma or abuse. Fear of pregnancy, previous painful sexual intercourse, painful pelvic examinations and vaginal infections can also cause vaginismus. In order to prevent this situation;
– Providing healthy sexual education to developing girls. It is important to give encouragement
– It is important for the family to inform the young girl correctly
– Treating diseases that cause painful sexual intercourse
– Providing psychological support to couples experiencing this problem

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