In Turkey, 3% of men and 1% of women are living with a diagnosis of psychopathy (Antisocial Personality Disorder).

If a person can commit cold-blooded murder and do this more than once, he is mentally healthy. It can be said that it is not. When we look at the profile of Atalay Filiz, who committed the murder, we can say that the most appropriate diagnosis for his situation is ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER. (Personality disorder that is devoid of empathy, conscience, compassion and guilt, and does not comply with social, ethical and legal rules.) Among the personality disorders that have the potential to cause the most harm to the environment, those with antisocial personality disorder are seen.

Colloquially. Personality Types We Call Psychopaths Have Criminal Liability

When this diagnosis is made before military service, the person is exempt from military service, but this does not reduce his criminal liability for the crimes he commits

The Crimes of Educated People Are Also Clever It is possible

Psychosocial factors that push an individual to crime are generally: Being exposed to violence in childhood, sexual harassment and rape, generally low education level, failure in social life, unemployment, lack of economic opportunities, a negative life. form, domestic problems and violence, living environment, lack of self-control, alcohol and substance addiction.

Academic Success and Murder Relationship

Murder depends on the person's personality structure. It is caused by. Antisocial personality structure does not prevent education and career. As their intelligence increases, their ability to hide their personalities also improves.

How Did the Killer Hide Himself So Far?

Atalay Filiz's self-concealment is among his antisocial personality traits, as well as being close to others. We can attribute this to the fact that he prefers to live alone.

Is it Possible for the Family to Be Suspicious?

Snow One might wonder how the family did not notice this, even though he came from a high-level family. People with antisocial personality disorders have weak family ties. For this reason, it may not be possible for the family to realize this.

They are Masters in Justifying Themselves

They do not think that the other person has feelings and rights. They see themselves as superior to other people. For this reason, they find the things they do conscientiously acceptable, and this makes them cold-blooded.

Childhood of People with Antisocial Personality Disorder

This problem can be detected as early as adolescence. They are extremely cold-blooded and have a tendency to harm animals and even enjoy it. Incompatibilities with peers are frequently observed. They have superior abilities in using parents. Attention deficit and hyperactivity are frequently observed.

They Live Away from Social Values

They frequently commit crimes, get arrested, live for the moment, and do not think about the future. People with antisocial personality disorder have difficulty establishing positive relationships with other people; They tend to behave in ways that do not comply with social norms and values. Apart from this,

Early Treatment of Antisocial Personality Disorder

Detected up to the age of 11 And when treatment is started, it is possible for the person to control it to a level that will not harm himself or others. However, no method other than education and psychological support is known to provide definitive treatment.

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