Waking Up to the Dark Morning

The Effect of Daylight on Human Psychology

The effect of daylight on human psychology is a subject that has been researched for a long time. It is now a proven fact that people who see enough sunlight are much happier, free from depression and full of life. It is no coincidence that we wake up earlier and more vigorous on summer days. Many of my therapist friends will agree with me that while we work at a busy pace during the autumn period, we see that fewer clients seek help as spring comes and summer approaches. Even this situation shows the undeniable effect of the sun on human psychology. To explain it scientifically, the hormone "melatonin", which makes us feel tired, exhausted and slows down our physical movements, is secreted in a dark and lightless environment. We can say that the cause of the psychological disorder we call winter depression is the excessive secretion of the melatonin hormone. The common characteristics of people who apply with this complaint are that they are constantly tired and exhausted and feel pain in areas such as arms, legs and back for no reason.

Winter time is a useful tool for people to benefit from more daylight as well as saving energy. It was a practice, but as you all know, it is no longer implemented this year. What my clients frequently express about this issue is that they have difficulty starting the day in the morning. They generally describe the situation as "I wake up feeling like it's still night, and this feeling of tiredness stays with me all day." Many employers complain about their employees' inability to concentrate, their forgetfulness and reluctance. You can guess that waking up to a dark morning and living in dark air for a long part of the morning is the trigger for all these situations.

    These dark mornings will continue to increase until December 21, but this will end months later, so we advise you not to fall into winter depression. I would like to give you some suggestions so that your motivation and performance do not decrease.

If these small suggestions cannot save you from the state of tiredness and exhaustion you are in, this state of depression has already left you. If you think you have it in your clutches, do not delay in consulting an expert psychologist for a more accurate and permanent solution.



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