'Emotional Hunger' Could Be the Cause of Stubborn Weight!

'Emotional Hunger' Could Be the Cause of Stubborn Weight!

Dietist Maria Tanoğlu, who pointed out the importance of those who want to lose weight due to the approaching summer season, should turn to conscious diets and said, "If you can't lose weight, can't keep the weight you lost or if you have eating attacks, the reason may be emotional hunger."

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Many people complain ofnot being able to lose weight or regaining the weight they lost, but that the underlying cause is Dietitian Maria Tanoğlu, said that there may be emotional hunger, that those who break every diet they start very quickly, experience a sweet crisis during the day and succumb to it, and start to feel hunger in a short time like 10 minutes after getting up from the dinner table. Pointing out that he may be facing "emotional hunger", he said:

"We divide the feeling of hunger into two as physiological and emotional. Physiological hunger is the body's energy. It is the real hunger for its need. Emotional hunger is the hunger of the brain, not the body. Emotional hunger arises in line with our hormonal changes, which are caused by the triggering of negative emotions, especially due to stress, extreme sadness, anger, feelings of loneliness, and the difficulties of daily life. If you are unable to lose weight, maintain the weight you lose, or have eating attacks, the reason may be emotional hunger. Every time you know your stomach is physically full but you still feel hungry, you may be experiencing emotional hunger.


If you know that you are full with a plate of food under normal conditions, but you ate a plate that day and you are not satisfied, you have come to the point where we call 'attention'. Before you eat the second plate, say 'stop' to yourself and wait for the 20 minutes to be up. Let the brain send the signal of satiety. If you are still hungry after 20 minutes, make sure to drink water first and change the environment you are in, even for 5-10 minutes. You will feel that what you are experiencing is emotional hunger, that your stomach is actually full and satiated. Research has shown that causes such as sadness, anger, stress, boredom, loneliness. She states that it can lead to emotional hunger."


Maria Tanoğlu talks about what needs to be done to lose weight in a healthy way. He stated that the slimming process can be accelerated by accelerating the metabolism. For example, the amount of water that an individual weighing 70 kg should drink during the day is about 2,100 milliliters." He explained that the cure prepared by adding ginger, turmeric and cinnamon to a bowl of yogurt can be consumed at the last snack and that the effect of the cure can be maximized by drinking plenty of water. Emphasizing that the dietitian is, continued as follows:

"It is actually a situation that can be seen in one out of 10 women to be able to finish the diet that has been started. We can describe this situation as a psychological war between the brain and the stomach. One of the main reasons for me to study psychology as a minor is to be able to guide my clients well in this process. Because the weight loss process is successful not only with a healthy diet, but also when we can manage the psychological processes of the clients well. One of the steps to make the diet sustainable is to accept that your program is not a diet, but a healthy diet. Therefore, ask your dietitian to arrange lists that can be adapted to daily life. Because as long as you accept the new nutritional model you will adopt and adapt it to your life, you will be successful. As soon as you decide, make an appointment with a dietitian and start the first day you are available. You don't need to wait until Monday to start dieting."

"Sweet crisis can be overcome with YOGURT WITH FRUIT AND CINNAMON"

A person's mood, appetite and emotion hormones such as serotonin and endorphins that affect the state of the brain and intestines Reminding that, the dietitian said that in serotonin deficiency, the person is depressed and tired, and therefore, people experience emotional hunger and tend to consume high-calorie products because of the hormones that decrease during the period of stress, sadness, anger and negative emotions caused by the difficulties of daily life.

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Indicating that people can control these attacks with simple steps, Tanoğlu pointed out that when emotional hunger attacks come, consuming junk food, fast food with plenty of sugar and fatty foods is one of the biggest mistakes made, and gave his suggestions as follows: He quoted:

"Dessert cravings in this type of crisis can be broken by eating yogurt with fruit and cinnamon added. If a person wants to eat a lot, they should eat it. Because if the desire to eat cannot be controlled, the stress will increase, then by paying attention to portion control. On the other hand, foods that contribute positively to the serotonin level and have natural antidepressant properties will be very useful in such attacks. For example, bananas, strawberries, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, chocolate, potatoes, coconut, yoghurt... The foods that are missed as a result of occasional food attacks increase the success rate in the diet from 100 to 70, but do not reset it. In other words, it should not be thought that 'the diet is over, the diet is completely disrupted', because a meal was scammed. From the next meal, nutrition should be continued in accordance with the nutrition program."


Maria Tanoğlu, sweet craving or Saying that when the desire to overeat comes, the person should give himself 10 minutes to overcome this stress, "For example, if he wants to eat a lot of chocolate, he should buy time by saying 'I will eat it in 10 minutes'. In the meantime, you should definitely drink a glass of water first and then go out and get some air. Employees can focus their attention elsewhere by listening to music in the office, as well as relax and get away from stress. The housewife, on the other hand, should get out of the kitchen and get away from the environment she is in at that moment. The person should condition himself for the next 10 minutes. During this time, your desire to eat will decrease. One of the most basic ways to overcome the emotional hunger caused by stress is to activate the muscles. muscles act It greatly reduces stress. For this, activities that feel good such as walking, swimming, pilates and yoga can be done.

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