“Nobody Can Make Me Sleep”!

Hypnosis, contrary to popular belief, is not sleep, but a state of wakefulness focused on a specific and targeted goal. Despite this, it is quite common for me to encounter someone saying "No one can make me sleep" - looking me in the eye as if I were very curious. You may be making the mistake of thinking that hypnosis and sleep are closely related concepts. I think when you look at the recent history of the word hypnosis, we can understand why hypnosis and sleep are associated with each other. The term "hypnotism", first used by British surgeon James Braid (1795-1860), comes from the Greek word 'hypnos', meaning 'sleep'. Apart from this similarity in name, hypnosis is a completely different state of consciousness with its own unique characteristics and is definitely not a state of sleep.

Definition of Hypnosis

It is possible to understand the nature of hypnosis. impossible with our information sources. For this reason, we can only talk about what kind of experience hypnosis is. Hypnosis; It is placing suggestions in your subconscious mind by disabling the conscious mind in a sense, that is, bypassing the mind. For our purposes, hypnosis can be viewed as a state of intense physical and mental relaxation in which one feels aware of, yet separate from, reality in the moment. I liken this to dreaming within a dream. While you are aware of the truth, you are outside of it.

History of Hypnosis

Although the term hypnosis began to be used approximately 150 years ago, it has been used by the world including Ancient Egypt, Persians, Greeks and Romans. Many ancient civilizations recognized the power of suggestion and the usefulness of the hypnotic state. The use of hypnosis as a specialized therapy dates back to the 18th century. In the 1950s Hypnosis, whose scientific nature is debated and therefore discovered and popularized by stage hypnotists, was officially registered as a treatment tool by the British Medical Society in 1953. In Turkey, it was accepted as part of the "Complementary Medicine" definition made by the ministry at the beginning of 2016. Currently, it is not taught in universities.

To whom and how can hypnosis be beneficial in practice?

In Alternative Medicine studies, hypnosis has a solid foundation. It seems to have taken hold. No matter what profession people are in, hypnosis can be learned and this can be used to increase professional effectiveness. I would like to give examples of some of them, leaving the rest to your imagination;

Some special situations where hypnosis is used as a solution



Diet and exercises help you reach a certain weight. However, when it comes to boredom, it does not prevent you from eating again. Here, hypnosis allows you to adopt the new eating habit subconsciously.



The darkness, the closed, which seems illogical to you but incapacitates what happens to you. Fears of places, boarding etc. do not listen to reason. Medicines do nothing more than a sedative effect. Hypnosis addresses these problems directly.


Reluctance to Learn

It is not possible for families to answer the question "Why is my child not studying?" not easy. Private lessons or special attention can also overwhelm young people. The habit of loving his lessons and studying disciplined, achieved through hypnosis, constitutes the turning point of the young person's life.


Quitting Smoking

He has never quit smoking before. I do not recommend it to those who have not attempted it. If you have stopped dozens of times and started again, I suggest you try hypnosis.


Lack of Self-Confidence

Public speaking, determination, Aren't many of our problems such as finishing what we start, timidity, shyness, and thinking negatively about ourselves one of our problems? Hypnosis is like a medicine in this regard.


Sexual Problems

Like Viagra to the problem that we can define as erection problems in men and orgasm or intercourse problems in women. It is a method that can be recommended for those who do not want to be dependent on drugs or who are looking for a solution other than Hafsa Sultan Paste.


Involuntary habits

Nail biting, Tic habits such as plucking hair also put people in a difficult situation in society. Especially in adults. One is ashamed to even go to the doctor and ask. hypnosis is also useful in overcoming such problems


Bed wetting

This malady, which is patiently endured hoping that it will pass soon, is also Turkish. It is extremely common in society. The source of this disorder, which can seriously affect the child's psychology when he or she starts primary school, is often psychological, not urological. There may even be people who are about to get married or go to the military with this problem. We can say that hypnosis is effective here, even if it is not a last resort.


Insomnia, nervousness, emotional problems

In these cases, hypnosis is almost effective. It can be said that it is 100% effective. Situations where you can get a definite answer as long as there is no character disorder


Language Learning

The most common problem in institutions teaching foreign languages ​​is not being able to learn. It would be unfair to blame the institution here. It is a situation where the learned information is forgotten too quickly, the learner does not repeat enough and cannot assimilate the language. Hypnosis method that leaves a strong mark on the subconscious is applied.

Relationship between Hypnosis and the Subconscious

When your conscious mind comes under the influence of hypnosis, the increasing effects of thoughts (suggestions) directly affect the subconscious. reaches and takes action. Moreover, the subconscious phase of your mind is a close ally of your true self. Because all the memories of your experiences in your past lives are buried in your subconscious, and your subconscious is not far from knowing what is real. Because of his inability to reason, he cannot distinguish reality from unreality. But he is instinctively drawn towards the truth.

Now you may think that you do not understand all this talk. I think it will be better understood if we give an example. Let's put it this way;

An earthquake moment we experience sharpens our emotions such as fear and excitement so much that the idea that an earthquake could happen again at any moment and that we could die is recorded in our subconscious by repeating itself in our thoughts. This fear and excitement can pave the way for different and extremely serious problems, from disrupting our sleep patterns to causing rhythm disturbances in our heart.

As seen in our example, our thoughts control not only our mental state, feelings and emotions, but also the sensitive movements and regulations of our physical body. also affects. These changes do not occur voluntarily and consciously. It is determined by the effectiveness of the intensity transferred to our subconscious mind, and they usually surprise us at an unexpected moment.

Who Can Perform Hypnosis?

This is not clearly defined in our laws. However, considering the aspects of the subject that are open to abuse, it can be said that medical doctors, psychologists and anyone from various professions trained in this field can apply hypnosis.

Hip. Although noz may sound like we are giving control to someone else and losing control, it is actually a situation we experience every day in our relationships based on mutual trust. A person can hypnotize someone during the day without realizing it, or someone can come and go under hypnotic influence.

Hypnosis Gets Its Power from Suggestions

“If you tell a person that he is crazy for forty days, he will go crazy. Our proverb is interesting in that it explains the power of suggestion. Now, focus on the negative characteristics of a person you like and start thinking about how ugly they are (with a strong belief, of course). I can guarantee that within a few days you will start to dislike that person. I gave this example deliberately. Because people are more skilled at focusing on negative conditioning. In order to warm up or get used to a person you do not like, it may be necessary to apply a stronger suggestion

Daily Hypnotic Situations

Love is hypnosis. Even though the person finds logical excuses for the situation he is under the influence of, he has actually surrendered to the power of this influence. When we read a book with intense attention, watch television, or talk to someone, our inability to hear the other person calling us is again due to a hypnotic effect. There have been situations where we went to bed in the evening thinking that we had to wake up at 04.00 in the morning, and then when we opened our eyes, you witnessed that it was exactly 04.00 in the morning. In fact, this situation is the product of the hypnotic suggestions we make to ourselves. The statements I have heard from people who quit smoking after having been smoking for a long time, "Something like this happened, then I felt a great disgust, I have never taken a cigarette in my mouth since that day" are actually hypnotic. indicates that the effect is achieved. Sometimes you can do a job that would take hours in a very short time and then The situations where we think with amazement about how we raised this are explained by the hypnotic effect.

Our Life Hypnosis

What many people do not realize is; It is not necessary to be in a hypnotic state to receive suggestions. It is true that suggestibility increases during hypnosis; You can only be open to suggestion when you are fully awake.

As you go about your life, you constantly give suggestions to yourself. It is claimed that the information in the conscious mind transfers directly to the subconscious mind. Therefore, every conscious thought contributes to the construction of the deeper part of your mind. This means that the effects of hypnotherapyand self-hypnosis over time depend largely on the type of everyday suggestions you pass into your subconscious through your thoughts, which influence your belief system. Maybe it is your thoughts that shape your life that you define as destiny.

Finally, remember that; “The more you relate to the power within you, the freer you will be in every area of ​​your life.”



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