'Three-Meal Iftar' Suggestion from Experts

With the beginning of Ramadan, experts have warned about stomach and digestive problems that may occur in people.

Dietist Maria Tanoğlu, Nutrition and Dietetics Specialist, who gave information on the subject, said that in this period when Ramadan coincides with the summer season, the days are long and the weather is warm. He pointed out that the whole body cycle and diet will change with the temperature. Stating that the metabolic rate slows down and weight gain due to this is due to eating, Tanoğlu said: Meals should be consumed in the form of sahur, pre-iftar, dinner and snacks, not as two meals in the month of sahur and iftar. It will help to meet the nutritional elements. Suhoor should be done just like breakfast. Making sahur is very important in terms of keeping your body full for a long time, balancing blood sugar better, and avoiding problems such as weakness and fatigue."

Tanoğlu, boiled eggs, white cheese or curd cheese, olives that are not too salty, said that a firm breakfast made with a handful of oil seeds or half an avocado, seasonal greens, milk and fruit will prepare a person for fasting better. Contrary to popular belief, instead of meeting the need for water, tea and coffee increase the need for water even more because they are diuretic drinks and cause water removal from the body. Since the whole purpose of sahur is to keep you full for a long time, consumption of whole wheat or whole grain bread instead of pita will better balance blood sugar in terms of high fiber content." We need to start the meal we eat with 1-2 dates"
Problems such as indigestion, bloating, weight gain, which are frequently seen in Ramadan Dietician Maria Tanoğlu, who also made suggestions to eliminate the problems, stated that iftar can be planned as three meals, as pre-iftar, dinner and snack.

Tanoğlu gave the following information:

"Pre-iftar" It will be beneficial to increase the blood sugar a little by starting the meal we call iftar with 1-2 dates. A bowl of soup helps to relax the stomach. It should be done. Bulgur pilaf, whole wheat pasta or whole rice would be good choices. 1-2 handfuls of pita can be preferred instead of rice.Remember, 1 handful of pita bread is equivalent to 1 slice of bread. Snack should be done 1.5-2 hours after iftar."

"Water consumption is of great importance"
Stating that water consumption is of great importance in Ramadan, due to the hot weather, Maria Tanoğlu stated that if enough water is not consumed, problems such as headaches, fatigue and constipation may arise. water should be drunk. Licorice sherbet, homemade yogurt and a bottle of mineral water can also be consumed as an alternative to provide water replenishment to the body.

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