Coronavirus Psychology

Coronavirus Psychology

The Covid-19 epidemic, which has changed the world's agenda for about a year and caused millions of people to lose their lives in our country and many parts of the world, is still continuing. Coronavirus has emerged as a global threat affecting the world; It has caused sudden and unexpected effects on our individual and social lives. Although it is said that the coronavirus mostly causes physiological problems, as it increases day by day, psychological and behavioral reactions also occur in people. It is very important to understand the psychological and behavioral effects of this epidemic crisis affecting the world on all of us. The most common thing that comes to mind due to this virus is; “Can I get infected with coronavirus?”, “What should I do to prevent it?”, “Can I recover if I get infected with the virus?”, “Do I have a fever?” These are questions that raise many concerns, such as: Although these questions were previously asked by employees who had to be in public places (hospitals, shopping malls, airports, etc.), it has now become a situation that affects everyone mentally, from children to adults. I would like to point out that while it directly affects the health of many of us, it indirectly affects many areas of our lives, both positively and negatively. It has profoundly affected our health, our economy, our daily lives, our interpersonal relationships, and our relationship with ourselves. It caused our daily routines to change suddenly, and with this, the process of forced stay at home began for us adults, from the ongoing business life, and for our children and young people, from school and university life. Our need for freedom put a strain on us and our children in the first days and times of the quarantine, and we often began to feel as if we had lost control of ourselves. Suddenly, masks that we had never experienced or needed before came into our lives and they became mandatory to wear. We were all caught unprepared for this process. While some of us instinctively adapted to the situation we were not ready for, some of us questioned the obligations of this process or tried to ignore it and preferred to continue our old lives. Coronavirus actually reminded us of our individual and social responsibilities. my own health It brought us face to face with the most challenging situation for someone else's health; not being able to contact our loved ones... Hugging and touching our loved ones and relatives is an expression of love, that is, a state of sharing love. The person who hugs and touches feels complete and belonging in their relationship. A sense of wholeness and belonging allows us to enjoy our lives and be happy. Unfortunately, coronavirus often makes us feel incomplete. Of course, in this process, we discovered new ways to cope with the negative emotions we experienced. For example; Some of us started to try to get psychological support when they realized that they or their children could not cope with some of their emotions, thoughts or behaviors. Feelings of anxiety, loneliness, lack and unhappiness were the main emotions that we had the most difficulty in resolving.

One of the psychological problems that may arise most due to Covid-19 is anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a problem that arises with negative thoughts in our minds. Just as there are concerns about many things in our daily lives, these concerns also arise about the coronavirus, which affects a large community around the world. One of the most important factors that causes anxiety is uncertainty. As uncertainty continues, it causes anxiety to increase. As concerns continue to increase; It can also reveal different mental and behavioral problems such as depression, panic attacks, paranoia, obsessive thoughts, phobias, eating disorders, aggression, selfishness, impulsivity, addiction and stigmatization. Stop and think; While we, as adults, may have had a hard time dealing with the effects of the coronavirus, how has our children's psychology been affected?

Coronavirus; Maybe it actually increased awareness that we all need psychological support.

If you think that you cannot overcome the psychological effects of the situation you are in, do not hesitate to get psychological support...

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