In some special cases, sperm freezing and sperm storage can be performed for an individual who wants to have a child. Sperm freezing process; It is performed either by TESE/TESA (surgical) collection technique of fresh sperm or by ejaculation.

After the sperm sample is given, sperm analysis is performed before freezing. This is important to evaluate the given data.

After the sperm analysis is completed, the sample is prepared. The freezing process is carried out with specially prepared sperm freezing solutions. The process used is 'vitrification' (rapid freezing) and the sperm is permanently and safely preserved in liquid nitrogen.

Frozen tissue or sperm samples can be stored for many years in special tanks containing liquid nitrogen at -196 C.


Under what conditions can sperm be stored?






On the day of the sperm freezing procedure, a written statement must be signed from the patients. In our country, the Ministry of Health envisaged the sperm storage period to be 5 (five) years.


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