Varicose veins are a vein disease. It is defined as the expansion, elongation and tortuosity of the veins. It is derived from the Latin word "varix" (curved).

Varis, popularly known as vascular enlargement, is actually not a very serious and fearful disease. However, if some varicose veins are left untreated and neglected, they may cause wounds that do not heal on the ankles and a serious illness called pulmonary embolism as a result of the clots formed in the varicose veins traveling to the lungs. It also appears as a cosmetic problem, especially in women. Superficial varicose veins, that is, spider varicose veins, attract a lot of attention because they distort the appearance even if they do not cause pain. 

Varicose veins are among the most common vascular problems. So much so that even in our country, the number of patients is expressed in millions. There is no gender discrimination, especially in the middle age group. and the risk of occurrence increases with advancing ages. It is genetic and is also considered an occupational disease. Varicose veins, which we are used to seeing especially in our legs, represent dysfunction in the veins. It can be said that the incidence is slightly higher in women.


Varicose veins can also be considered an occupational disease.

The incidence is high in professions such as waitresses and teachers that require standing for long periods of time.


Varicose vein disease and common complaints

The most common symptoms of patients are the deterioration in the appearance of their legs and leg pain that occurs when standing for a long time. It is a feeling of heaviness in the legs. Symptoms  may not be related to the degree of anatomical disorder. Significant bleeding may occur in some patients. A complication of leg varicose veins is superficial thrombophlebitis; In other words, it is a condition where the vein is blocked with a plug. There is both blockage and inflammation in the vein. It can cause serious pain and limitation of movement.

In long-term leg varicose veins, chronic ankle swelling and leg ulcers may develop. Standing for long periods of time or obesity causes all leg varicose veins to become more noticeable.




Unfortunately, there is no treatment method that can completely eliminate varicose veins, which is very common in society. Neither medications nor surgical interventions provide 100% guaranteed results. Recurrence of complaints, especially after surgery, is seen in more than half of the cases.

In short; There is no treatment method that will completely eliminate varicose veins.

In our clinic, we use medical leeches and medical ozone, which are complementary medicine methods, in the treatment of varicose veins. We treat patients who have not recovered despite previous medication or even surgery. While we apply leeches and ozone treatments, we also apply classical medical drug treatments. The results we obtained are satisfactory. Leech and ozone treatment is a preferred treatment method because it has no side effects or risks.

Medical leech cures especially vascular diseases with 106 different enzymes found in its saliva. Varicose vein treatment using leeches is a traditional treatment method that has been applied for thousands of years.


We continue the treatment for 5 weeks, 2 days a week. A total of 10 sessions of treatment are performed. In addition to leech therapy, medical ozone therapy is also given to patients in each session.

Medical ozone is oxygen. It corrects the wall structure of the veins. After the patient's blood is cleaned with ozone, it is given back to him. Or, in superficial varicose veins, it is administered directly into the vein using a capillary needle. However, this application is only applied to superficial varicose veins, which we call spider varicose veins. Ozone application by people who are not experts and experienced may cause serious side effects. For this reason, I would like to remind you not to consult non-medical people in the treatment of varicose veins.

The findings of the patients as a result of leech therapy applied together with ozone therapy 2 days a week and for a period of 5 weeks. It improves and pain decreases.


 Medical ozone therapy is used together with leeches in the treatment of varicose veins. These two treatments are two important treatments that should not be separated from each other. Ozone also regulates the disorders in the structure of the vessels and increases the effects of the leech.


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