It was first described by German gynecologist Dr Ernest Grafenberg in the 1950s. That's why the G spot took its name from the initials of the doctor's surname.

The location of the G spot is a controversial issue. However, the G spot, which allows women to orgasm when stimulated, is located towards the woman's stomach, at the bottom of the vagina, close to the 'skin gland'. It is located on the vaginal wall, about 5 cm from the entrance, in the area at the level of the urinary bladder. The G spot may not be at the same point in every woman. The G spot, which is only a few cm in size, secretes a protein called PDE-5 during sexual intercourse.

Stimulation of the G spot before sexual intercourse accelerates hormonal metabolism. It increases sexual pleasure psychologically. But it is not a region of primary importance. Behind a quality orgasm lies the stimulation of the G spot as well as understanding, patience and harmony.


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