Snoring Surgery (Uvulopalotppharengoplasty)

Snoring Surgery (Uvulopalotppharengoplasty)

Snoring is the sound heard as a result of noisy breathing during sleep.

What is the Cause of Snoring?

Snoring is a structural problem that occurs only in the nose, as opposed to the area behind the pharynx and tongue in the upper respiratory tract. It occurs as a result of the vibration of the small tongue, the root of the tongue, the cartilages of the larynx and the tissues lining the inside of the pharynx around the upper airways during breathing during sleep. The severity of snoring will increase as the narrowness of the airways increases. However, if there is a narrowing in the upper airway or if there are abnormal flabby tissues (eg, the uvula) it will force and vibrate the air as it enters and leaves. Thus, snoring occurs.

Is Snoring Always a Sign of Disease?

Snoring can be seen in everyone. Especially in the night of a tired day, when excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes is used, the narrowing of the upper airway will increase during sleep, so snoring may occur in healthy people. However, in these cases, snoring is limited to 1-2 days a week. p>

Is Snoring Related to Lying Style?

When you lie on your back, the soft tissues in the chin and upper airway go backwards due to gravity and relaxation in the muscles during sleep. This increases the possibility of narrowing the upper airway and snoring when lying on your back. However, there is less chance of narrowing in the airway and snoring when lying on its side.

Why do men snore more?

In men and women, fat is concentrated in different parts of the body. While fat is mostly seen in the neck and abdomen in men, it is more common in the hips in women. Due to the paused position, the tongue slides back and narrows the area around the pharynx. As a result of this situation, snoring occurs.

As women get older, their abdomen and height increase. The increase in lubrication in the flour area balances the snoring rate between men and women.

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