Fontanelles are window-shaped structures that we feel softly with our hands, covered with connective tissue between two skull bones.

A newborn baby has a total of 6 fontanelles: front, back and two on the sides. The side fontanelles close immediately after birth. The posterior fontanelle is triangular in shape and is about the width of a finger tip (0.5 cm) and begins around 3 months. It closes.

The anterior fontanelle is the one we can feel the most with our hands, and its diameter at birth is between 1-4 cm. The earliest is in the3rdmonth and the latest is 18. .It closes within a month. In rare cases, children may be born with closed fontanelles. However, if there is a gap between the bones (sutures) and there is sufficient head growth in monthly head circumference measurements, pathological(disease) may occur. strong> has no meaning.

If the fontanelles close before the dates I specified above, head growth is evaluated by monthly head circumference monitoring. If the fontanelles are large in size or their closure is still delayed on the dates I specified, they are investigated for underlying diseases.

Sometimes families come in panic and say "The fontanel is moving, we feel a beat"Mostly, this is normal, but if there is an accompanying fever or another symptom, we do further examination and research. We can only confirm that this situation is normal upon examination. That's why we can say that he should definitely see a specialist physician.


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