Holidays are the times when individuals' social support needs are most intensely met in all societies, whether national or religious. People become closer to each other, the relationships between them become stronger, unity and solidarity are reinforced, and the opportunity to chat and share with those whom they have not been able to meet for a long time for various reasons arises. With this, the past is remembered and investments are made for the future.

Throughout history and generations, people have He received the social support he needed from lodges and dervish lodges, associations, coffeehouses (reading houses), door-to-door chats, visits to relatives, and many other places where people are verbally and physically present and at that moment. As a result of these areas and concepts disappearing over time, we, as a people, tried to find alternatives; We have been able to do it in some places and felt its lack in others. Urbanization, secularism, modernization, changes in cultural and socio-economic relations, and the internet have both benefited and harmed us under the concepts of alienation and loneliness.

At this point, holidays come to our rescue. In order for a person to say that he or she is good and healthy, he or she must be physically, spiritually and socially well, just as the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

Holidays allow us to socialize and receive the social support we receive. Because it reinforces,

With lots of smiles and sharing, they remove the depressive smell of loneliness.

It educates our selfish side, which is used to expecting something in return; They teach you to be the one who takes the first step in giving love and attention. They remind us that our current state of being valuable is not just about getting ratings on social networks.

In short, holidays, which have recently been perceived as a holiday opportunity to escape from the chaos of the city, have many emotional, material, spiritual, protective, relaxing and meaningful benefits. .

His smile, I wish you a holiday full of joy, sharing, pleasure and of course candy (don't let the dentists hear it).


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