Pediatric Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The healthy development of children is very important for their physical and emotional health. However, some children may face musculoskeletal injuries, genetic disorders, neurological disorders and other health problems. Pediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a treatment method to support the healthy development of these children.

In Which Situations Pediatric Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is Applied?

Pediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation, many can be applied in different situation. These may include the following.

Pediatric Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Practices

Pediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation includes a number of different practices to support the healthy development of children. These may include:

Assessment of Motor Development

Pediatric physiotherapists use specific techniques to assess children's motor development. These assessments help determine the age appropriateness of children's motor skills and how their development is progressing.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is manual therapy. Using these techniques, pediatric physiotherapists can improve children's mobility in conditions such as musculoskeletal injuries and neurological disorders.

Therapy. tic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises are exercises specially designed to increase children's muscle strength, improve flexibility and balance. Pediatric physiotherapists increase the effectiveness of treatment by adjusting these exercises according to the needs of children.

Medical Exercises

Medical exercises are used to improve children's respiratory functions and increase their endurance. These exercises improve children's overall health and help them fight disease.

Device Use

In some cases, pediatric physiotherapists use special devices to increase children's mobility. they use. For example, walkers or wheelchairs can be used for children with mobility limitations.


Pediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation is important to support the healthy development of children and increase their mobility. . These treatment methods help them combat musculoskeletal injuries, neurological disorders, genetic disorders, and other health problems. It is important for children to receive regular pediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation support to protect their physical and emotional health.

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