How Should Dreams Be Interpreted?

How Should Dreams Be Interpreted?

I wonder why people have nightmares? What really is what they call a nightmare? How does sleepwalking occur?

Or you may have many other questions about dreams, such as what happens in the REM phase of sleep. If you are wondering what dreams mean, you should not pass without reading this article!

REM is the sleep phase when you start dreaming and your eye movements are fastest. In this phase, your muscles relax and you experience a state of paralysis. You ask why? Because hand and arm movements occur during your adventurous dream. Thus, muscle paralysis eliminates the possibility of harming your environment. But sometimes this system does not work. For example, sleepwalkers do not experience muscle paralysis during REM sleep due to a neurological disorder. Sometimes, even if muscle paralysis occurs, "nightmares" occur due to sudden awakening. Because the mind, which has not yet come to its senses, sees black darkness and the body cannot move and experiences despair. However, after a short time, everything becomes normal in the brain and muscle paralysis disappears.


 But did you know that the unconscious continues to remain open while you are dreaming? For example, a musical sound coming from the next room immediately becomes a part of your dream. Whatever the plot, the sound coming from outside adapts to your dream and shapes accordingly. Many scientists express this situation with how miraculous beings human beings are.


 Dreams reveal how you feel through symbols. For example, driving a car in a dream may indicate your efforts to complete some of your tasks. Thus, your unconscious prepares a defense through symbols and presents it to you in the form of a dream. But sometimes, if you can't defend yourself well, your dreams turn into nightmares. In other words, when an emotion or impulse conflict experienced by the unconscious appears more clearly with weak symbols, this causes a nightmare. What is important when analyzing dreams is the emotion in that dream. Emotions such as fear, anxiety, sadness or joy appear before you in dreams by taking on symbols.

Do you remember the overriding emotion in the dreams you have had recently?


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