Students' hearts are under control

Students' hearts are under control

Prof.Dr. İhsan Bakır said, 'There may be children who will lose their lives among our children who do not participate in heart screening at school. 'Families should convince their children and direct them to screenings,' he said.

The 1-year evaluation of the Online Heart Screening Project was held at the press conference held at the Istanbul Bakırköy Region General Secretariat. Online Heart Screening Project was launched by the General Secretariat of Bakırköy Region on January 15, 2013, in order to take protective and preventive measures against heart diseases in the 6-18 age group (primary, secondary, high school). Within the scope of the project, heart radiographs are taken at the school where the children continue their education, by creating an infirmary environment and integrating specially equipped ECG devices and computers, so that the children's education is not interrupted.

With the project initiated by the Bakırköy Region Public Hospitals Association, in the Bakırköy region, Istanbul. Stating that the screening has been completed in two of the 13 districts, Esenyurt and Küçükçekmece, Istanbul Bakırköy Region Secretary General Prof.Dr. İhsan Bakır said: “In line with this goal, we started our Online Heart Screening Project in Edirne, as the first pilot province outside Istanbul, last November. Within the scope of the project, ECGs of 113 thousand students have been taken so far. 54 thousand of the ECGs taken so far have been scanned. Pathology was detected in 9 thousand of our children. All tests of 3,500 were re-done. Problems were detected in 360 of our children that would cause problems if precautions are not taken. These children were treated with medication, echo control or surgery.”

Prof.Dr. stated that 35 out of a hundred students did not participate in the Online Heart Screening. Bakır said: “There may be students who may lose their lives among the students who do not participate in this screening. Recently, one of our high school students lost his life because he did not participate in this screening. Let's call out to families to avoid such incidents. This screening method, which does not cause any pain or harm to children, is a screening method that helps analyze the structural and conductive problems in the hearts of our children. Our families should convince their children and our students should participate in the screenings.”

Prof.Dr. Bakır also stated that approximately 6 hundred thousand of the approximately 1 million students in the 13 districts of the Bakırköy Public Hospitals Association and Edirne can be reached and that 17 thousand children can be taken under control and most of them can be operated on.

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