How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist?

The oral environment is considered private for people. Fear of dentists is a frequently encountered problem in our country due to the field of dentistry, the variety of instruments used during treatments, the loud operation of some devices, the necessity of anesthesia, and forced treatments and tooth extractions in childhood. For this reason, we postpone dental treatments until a large mass
experience unbearable pain, and we encounter situations that lead to the loss of teeth that we can treat with
small procedures at first.
Like other fears, we need to overcome the fear of the dentist due to fear.
Confronting and eliminating wrong assumptions is the definitive solution.
Relaxing color and decoration products in the clinic environment allow the patient to chat with the physician, explain their fears and find answers to the questions in their mind, and enable the physician to explain the treatment
process to the patient from the beginning. Explaining the tools used and the procedures performed during the treatment in a way that the patient can understand, and giving the patient the confidence that he will stop the treatment when he feels pain
reduces the anxiety rate in many people. For patients who are disturbed by
the sounds of the devices, relaxing music listened to during the treatment and having the TV screen on on the sofa provides great help as it distracts the person's visual and auditory attention and reduces fear.
The dentist. For patients experiencing fear, our preferred method is to just do an examination and chat with the patient without the first session of treatment. In this session
we will help the patient feel comfortable by reminding him/her not to be in a rush when coming to the next appointment, to avoid beverages that will increase the heart rate, such as coffee, to come to the appointment in a well-rested state, and to remind the patient that he/she can bring his/her headphones and listen to his/her own music during the treatment.
> We are working on it.
We can prefer psychotherapy methods such as hypnosis for our patients whose anxiety cannot be relieved with these suggestions recommended by us.

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