How Can I Properly Support My Child's Development?

How Can I Properly Support My Child's Development?

If we want to support our child's development correctly, we should basically look at three areas;

The first area is individual characteristics. What my child's nature is inclined to and what he enjoys doing should be taken into consideration. Since this issue is discussed a lot, I want to focus more on the other two areas.

The second area is the messages that the environment gives to the child. What kind of messages does he receive from family, school, movies he watches, and games he spends time in? We need to look. Does the environment emphasize the message to the child that he/she is behind, that he/she is ordinary, or that he/she has unique aspects waiting to be discovered? Are the heroes he watches figures with superpowers that he can never reach, or is my child growing up with stories of what ordinary people can change? These messages will change his mental patterns over time. You can think of this process as if our child's glasses are gradually deteriorating and he cannot see reality more clearly. As the child receives the messages "You are weak, you are unsuccessful", he will interpret the difficulties he experiences as insurmountable.

The third area is the big system that organizes this environment. To whom does the big system give the power, what is valuable, what is valuable, What makes it worthless, what it offers individuals as a target to focus on, and what role the rule-makers of this system assign to you should focus on this area.

I think we should raise children with awareness in these three basic areas. If we compare the whole process to the growth of a flower, the individual characteristics of the flower's seed, its location relative to the pot, soil and other flowers can be compared to the immediate environment, and the climate, rain and sun conditions can be compared to the larger system. Small but correct guidance in all these three areas can help our children develop their own skills. It can enable them to become the heroes of their stories. Best wishes...

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