• Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the vessel walls by the blood flowing through the vessels during circulation. The heart constantly works like a pump, circulating blood through the vessels in the body.

    Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a condition in which blood pressure permanently rises above the values ​​considered normal for the individual.

    Hypertension is a serious but insidious threat to human health. situation. High blood pressure itself is not a disease, but one of the consequences of some diseases that develop in the body. However, once high blood pressure develops, it becomes the main cause of many diseases.

    The expected life expectancy of an untreated hypertension patient after hypertension is established is about 20 years. However, people whose hypertension and the underlying disease that causes it are treated can reach the life expectancy of a normal person. Blood pressure is a parameter that is affected by individual characteristics such as age, gender and race, as well as physical conditions such as rest and effort. Therefore, determining normal blood pressure values ​​is actually quite difficult. Since normal blood pressure values ​​are given within wide ranges and blood pressure varies in humans (and in animals, depending on species, race and gender), it is difficult to clearly say which value is hypertensive.

    Increased blood pressure caused by stress and anxiety is a factor that can cause an increase in blood pressure in our animal friends, pets, as well as in humans. However, it is not known exactly to what extent stress creates this effect and at what point it becomes pathological. Therefore, this factor should be taken into consideration when evaluating blood pressure and should be determined by taking the average after measuring at least 3 times.

    As it is known, the blood pressure value determined during the contraction of the heart (systole) is called "Systolic blood pressure". Systolic blood pressure is popularly known as "systolic blood pressure". The blood pressure value determined during the relaxation period of the heart called diastole is called "Diastolic pressure". Diastolic pressure is also known as "diastolic pressure" among the public. Blood pressure values ​​mm/C It is measured in Iva. Among the values ​​found as a result of the measurement, first the systolic one is written, then a fraction line is drawn and the diastolic one is written, and then mm./mercury.

    Hypertension, Blood pressure 145/95 mm. It is the pressure of mercury rising above it. Essential hypertension is the most common type; It is common in people who are fat, introverts and live in big cities.

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