Heel Pain

Heel Pain

With every step you walk, you put 60 tons of pressure on each foot. The problem that most affects the "Foot and Ankle" joint is the development of heel pain when you wear hard shoes or walk on hard surfaces with bare feet while doing sports or walking. Resting your sore heel often solves the problem. However, many people ignore the early signs of heel pain and continue their activities. As you continue to use your sensitive and painful heel, heel pain will worsen and cause many problems and become chronic.

Evaluation and Treatment

There are many causes of heel pain. When you consult a doctor for heel pain, explain exactly where your heel pain is and how long it has been going on. Your doctor will examine you, looking for signs of tenderness and swelling. In general, conditions that cause heel pain are grouped into two main categories: Pain in the lower part of the heel and pain in the back part of the heel.

Pain Under the Heel

Pain in this area, called plantar fascia, extends from the heel to the big toe. It occurs in the muscle.

Pain Behind the Heel

If you have pain behind your heel, there is inflammation in the area where the Achilles tendon connects to the heel bone. (Achilles tendinitis) This condition often occurs as a result of running too much or wearing shoes that rub against the back of the heel. Pain behind the heel can gradually cause the skin to thicken and become swollen and red over time. Heel pain over the back of your heel A swelling (protrusion) that feels tender and warm to the touch may develop. Pain occurs when you first start moving after rest. If there is a protrusion, it may hurt you when you wear normal shoes.

Treatment of Heel Pain

A special treatment called biological treatment can be applied to patients who do not benefit sufficiently from these standard treatments. In this treatment, platelet (clotting cells) cells separated from the blood taken from the patient will be injected into the painful area. It is accepted that platelet cells secrete factors that accelerate healing. It is thought that these factors provide healing.

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