Your Eggs Are Protected

Your Eggs Are Protected

Nowadays, marriages are shifting to later ages for reasons such as career plans and economic reasons. The biological clock of a woman's ovaries stops around the age of 47-48, and egg production and pregnancy cannot be achieved after this age.

In addition, problems such as early menopause have become common due to environmental reasons brought about by industrialization. That's why we advise our patients not to postpone their child plans too late.

But still, in patients who do not plan to get pregnant at an early age, if their ovarian capacity has started to decrease or their marriage date will be too late, they can freeze their own eggs and save them for use at a later date. .

This process is similar to the in vitro fertilization treatment process. After the necessary preliminary preparations and tests are made, egg developing injections are applied to the ovaries on the second or third day of the menstrual period, and after the eggs mature, the eggs are collected under anesthesia, frozen and stored.

The eggs are frozen with new technology freezing techniques (vitrification) and the storage process is successful. It is applied as follows. The most important thing to know about this issue is that these eggs can only be stored for 5 years. According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, this period is limited to 5 years.

If your marriage period will be delayed or if you are married but do not want to have children yet, if cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy is planned, we recommend that egg freezing be performed without wasting time.

To determine whether the ovarian reserve has decreased, it will be sufficient to have AMH and FSH tests, which we call ovarian reserve tests, and to have your ovaries examined with vaginal ultrasound on the third day of your menstrual period.


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