Psychotherapy is a healing method based on the relationship between the therapist and the patient. Psychotherapy is used to treat a variety of psychological disorders and emotional difficulties. The goal of psychotherapy is to control or eliminate disturbing symptoms. In this way, the aim is for the patient to be more functional. However, psychotherapy is also a method used to feel balanced, healthy and to live a meaningful life.

Psychotherapy is used for daily life difficulties, medical illness, loss of a loved one, certain psychiatric disorders such as depression or eating disorders, trauma. It tries to help with problems such as. Any situation that may prevent a person from continuing his or her general life as functional as before is a valid reason to seek psychotherapy. Psychiatrists and psychologists are professional groups authorized in the field of psychotherapy.


Stress and problems are effective in everyone's life. The distinguishing criterion is whether the person can overcome stress. Even though he knows that he cannot handle it, the thought of 'I can handle it myself/I have to handle it myself' usually prevents the person from applying for psychotherapy. When the problem persists, maintains its seriousness and areas of impact, and the person cannot overcome the problems, the expected results occur: Deterioration in the quality of life, damage to family and social relations, and negative effects on work performance may begin. The person may turn to substance and/or alcohol use to cope with the problem he is experiencing.

People with illnesses or experiencing some emotional difficulties often do not seek professional help for fear of being labeled. They think that they will be despised and excluded by society because of their illness. Even if they start psychotherapy or medication, they do not follow the recommended treatment. This causes the problems to become chronic and more severe over time.

Chronic problems generally lead to emotional disturbances. In such cases, the person has to deal with both the ongoing problems and the difficulties brought by the disorder and the limitations it causes. It is thought that there is no way out and you are suffering from a psychiatric disorder In cases where it is accompanied by fire, serious losses may occur. Therefore, a person needs to know himself and know when he encounters a problem that is beyond himself and needs help.

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