Acupuncture for Rheumatism Treatment

Rheumatism is the general name of diseases that cause pain in the joints and muscles in our body. We can also explain it as a health problem such as pain, swelling, restriction of our movements, and deformity in our muscles, joints and the ligaments around them.

There are many types of rheumatism-based diseases. Ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus arthritis are some of the rheumatic diseases. The most common diseases in rheumatism include arthritis and osteoarthritis. These diseases are mainly seen in older people. It is caused by calcium accumulating in the injured area, related to damage to the cartilage and bone in the joint.

As a result, coldness of the skin, difficulty in movements or pain, swelling and numbness are experienced. Among these, the most common complaint is the pain experienced. One of the most important factors that increase pain complaints is standing and walking for a long time.

The risk of arthrosis due to rheumatism is higher in overweight people. Excess weight causes excessive load on the knee and hip area. This increases the damage to the cartilages, and the damage increases calcium accumulation.

Drug therapy can be applied for the treatment of rheumatism, as well as acupuncture treatment. When acupuncture is used in the treatment of rheumatism, the first thing to do is to reduce the pain caused by acupuncture. The secretion of endorphins, which can be secreted by the body itself and act as a pain reliever, is ensured. In this way, rheumatism-related pain is reduced to lower levels without the need for any medication or chemicals.

Blood circulation is increased in areas where rheumatism pain is experienced. In this way, the area is nourished and if there is any edema, the edema in that area is reduced. Nerve cells in the skin are stimulated. In this way, more functional and lively functioning of cells and tissues is ensured.

In addition to all these, in order to avoid excess weight, which is an important factor in rheumatism, you can resort to the slimming method with acupuncture. By doing this, the person can be helped to return to a weight appropriate for his age and height, and the effects of rheumatism pain can be reduced.

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