The Internet is one of the most important inventions of our age. Although it is the most important invention according to some, it is an indispensable set of possibilities. What I mean by the set of possibilities is that

there are many things that happen in daily life, in real life, within the internet medium

. So much so that we can almost say "there is no such thing" in the internet world. In fact,

most people are trying to enrich the internet world day by day and bring it closer to real life by making a high mental effort. I predict that within the next

ten years, the internet will be able to meet many of humanity's needs, except physiological needs

. Thus, we will face the threat of losing our ability to be social beings by intertwining virtual life with real life.

Although this threat is now taken seriously by the whole world, people; Especially

It is seen that people who are introduced to the internet and social media at an early age are negatively affected in behavioral, cognitive and social aspects

. When the psychosexual development periods of these people are taken into consideration, it is observed that the identity confusion they experience increases even further

. If we take adolescence as a basis, during this process of identity search

, fake or virtual personality prototypes created on the internet put the ideal self in adolescents

in a position that is unreal and very difficult to reach. When these created ideals are added to the individuals who are already in the complex mentality of adolescence, prone to depression, and whose self-esteem is just being formed, the individual

can't get out of it.

In general, research shows that internet use at an early age leads to problematic internet use

. In other words, using the internet at an early age

remotes the individual from social life, cognitively the focus remains fixed on the virtual

makes it difficult to return to reality, behaviorally obsessive (frequently checking the phone, etc.)

I can say that it leads to bad behavior.

Write I would like to end this article with an example that I have experienced and that I think is an example of problematic internet use and addiction. Recently, a client of mine said these words to me with the naivety of a child when his phone battery ran out. “When I don't have my phone on or with me

I feel naked.”

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