My story was as follows; During my 12 years of education, the identity that was attached to my personal structure was the field of law. For this reason, I changed it to equal weight while settling in the numerical field, and I successfully obtained the score to win this section. While everyone was happy, now a lawyer is coming; I chose the Psychological Counseling and Guidance department with a radical decision that I did not want to be in the courthouse and I still cannot understand why. I have had the happiness and pride of being a psychotherapist for 10 years. I see that I guarantee 50% happiness of my life. Of course, it was a joke of fate that I served at the Ministry of Justice for 5 years.

While my above article is very meaningful for the 84% of professionals in our country who are currently dissatisfied with their jobs; It will also gain meaning in working life for students who are just making a career choice.

Because; Choosing a job and a spouse are the most important choices of our lives. Although having any profession seems sufficient, there are dozens of people in our country who are unhappy in their profession. We are surrounded by lives that wake up reluctantly every morning, see weekend holidays as sacred, negatively affect family life, and depressive moods do not leave the door. Reluctance to work negatively affects productivity and motivation, and in this sense, quality decreases. Everything is actually a chain. Choosing a career that is not suitable for the person: reluctance, inefficiency, reactive behavior, tension, conflicts, unhappiness, FAILURE >

1. Thoughts of responsibility towards parents

2.Efforts to gain superiority over peers

3.Wish to be appreciated

4.University life he wants to live

5. No matter where, as long as you study at a university thought

6. Factors such as parents' comparison with others reinforce wrong choices.

Success is perceived only as academic. However, life consists of not only academic success but also life success.


In the career process, people with suitable potential for the job are no longer preferred, rather than top students. People who can express themselves and have high social intelligence. Otherwise, if academic success were sufficient, there would be no recommendation process. People who cannot touch people cannot be successful, and a profession that does not suit their personality looks like a trustworthy garment and irritates them. Think of an overweight dietitian, an aggressive psychiatrist, a pilot with an airplane phobia, a lawyer who cannot express his thoughts.

First of all, you should ask yourself'When I wake up every day, which job do I run to, which profession reflects me?'

If you still cannot answer this, you should urgently consult a specialist and let him evaluate you. After the first interview and observation, we can determine the professions that suit your abilities and interests with the necessary tests and inventories.

If you are stuck between the profession your family wants and the one you want, you should think 'What is the logical reason why they want this?' If it is not one of the professions suitable for you, you do not even need to think about it. Look at the material and moral benefits and costs of other professions that you think may be suitable for you. Maybe you are in a race and they are looking at it objectively?

Be realistic. If you know the professions that are suitable for you, but choose a department that is not suitable for you in order to go to a more popular place in the rankings, you will be wrong. The only benefit is in the contribution of your educational institution to your academic success. It may take a summer for you to be applauded, but your profession r life.

If you do not want to be seen as a pawn and want to be a queen; Whatever you are, choose the profession that is suitable for you, not just the popular one.

With love, healthy choices.

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