Life is a transaction, there are two aspects: you give and you take. If you cannot balance this exchange, you will suffer losses, the system will collapse and you will become ill.

The human body is not just its visible image. It has a talisman and we call it soul. Spirit represents the bond that creates matter and meaning, and we can simply call it energy. Everything, living and nonliving, gets its share of this energy, so much so that this energy is not static but dynamic. It can affect others and be affected by others.

Hands and feet constitute the most obvious entry and exit channels of this energy. As a result of using the hands as a detector, the corrupted energy of another body is detected and by moving it in certain directions without touching it, these irregularities that cause the disease can be regulated. Everyone has this energy and can potentially be activated. Just as everyone has muscles and you can have a muscular body by exercising them. You can improve yourself in this regard over time by using these energies.

Disease Bionergy and Treatment

Medical physicians use the concept of disease and use these concepts in the field they specialize in for diagnosis and treatment. They decide what needs to be done. It occurs with the symptoms of deterioration of health and turning into a disease. In medicine, there are 5 indicators of inflammation in the diseased areas. These symptoms are called symptoms. Based on the symptoms, further examinations are performed and a diagnosis is made.

1)Rubor (redness). More blood is pumped to the affected area. The increase in redness on our skin indicates that blood circulation in that area has increased and the body is mobilizing a regional recovery.

2) Dalor (pain). Hundreds of billions of nerve cells are like the body's communication network. Nerve endings are awakened. For example, if you didn't feel it when you touched your finger to the fire, you wouldn't take your finger out of the fire and you wouldn't suffer any pain while it was melting. Pain is a discomfort and the consciousness that receives this signal takes action to intervene in the error.

3) Tumor (swelling). Transporting blood to the uncomfortable area also increases the amount of fluid in that area, which causes swelling.

4) Calor (heat). With the increase in blood circulation to that area The temperature increase has also begun. When it spreads to the whole body and the temperature rises above 38, it enters the red alert state.

5) Functio laesa. We don't suddenly get sick. These changes in the body disturb you with symptoms like an incubation (insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, pain, fatigue, etc.). When you remain insensitive to this or your intervention does not meet the need, you become sick, that is, the unhealthy energy begins to disrupt the functions of the cells in the area.

How Do Bioenergy Practitioners Benefit from Inflammation Indicators?

When energy changes, everything changes. For example, while seeing someone with a light face, he may start to see him as a monster. While someone's presence makes you happy, it can suddenly start making you unhappy. The energy of the affected area of ​​your body changes and that area undergoes fluid and cell flow. Atomic activity has begun in the region. Bioenergetics take advantage of this fluid and cell mobility. When scanning with hands, the diseased area detects heat and electromagnetic intensity. When he examines it, he detects the problem in that area and if the medical findings confirm it, he now knows where to focus.

Can Anyone Feel This Heat or Electromagnetic Difference?

Everyone He can feel this magnetic current, but this is something discovered, not invented, like gravity. This skill can be improved with practices as a result of this discovery.

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