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Is It Possible to Treat Your Health Problems at Home?

Today's physical therapy is a method in which many people find solutions to their health problems. However, going to physical therapy centers can be difficult due to busy work schedule, long distances and other reasons. This is where home physical therapy services come into play. Thanks to these services, it becomes possible to treat your health problems at home.

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What is Home Physical Therapy Services?

Home physical therapy services are the provision of physical therapy services for health problems at the home of the patient or the patient's relatives. These services are offered by physiotherapists or physical therapy centers who are experts in their fields. These services offer treatments and programs tailored to individual needs, allowing the patient to receive physical therapy in a comfortable environment at home.

For Which Health Problems Can Home Physical Therapy Services Be Applied?

Home physical therapy services can be applied to find solutions to many health problems. Some of these problems are:

How to do Physical Therapy Services at Home?

Physical therapy services at home, It is done with a treatment plan tailored to individual needs. This plan is prepared by the physiotherapist together with the patient or patient relatives. The treatment plan is prepared in accordance with the patient's health status, needs and lifestyle.

Treatments are usually performed using equipment at home. The physiotherapist demonstrates the exercises using the equipment at the patient's home and starts the treatment. The treatment plan is updated regularly, usually on a weekly or monthly basis.

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For which health problems can home physical therapy services be applied?

How to do physical therapy services at home?

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