Vaginal Infections

Vaginal infections are important health problems that almost every woman encounters from time to time throughout her life, and which can sometimes cause very simple and sometimes serious complications. Vaginal infections can be prevented by taking some simple precautions. It is useful to repeat once again these precautions, which are repeated almost everywhere and are known to most women.

The importance of direction
When cleaning after the toilet, make sure to do it from front to back. When cleaning from back to front, you can carry the germs around the anus towards the vagina. The most important of these microorganisms is the bacteria called E.Coli and is one of the common causes of vaginal infections.

Forget about vaginal shower
Contrary to popular belief, washing the inside of the vagina with pressurized water is not a hygienic behavior. Such an application changes the microorganisms in the vagina and the acid-base balance in the region. This balance is extremely delicate and even small fluctuations can cause some microorganisms to multiply more than they should and cause infection. It may also help existing silent infections to progress towards the uterus and tubes.

Keep moisture away
Keeping the genital area moist provides a suitable basis for some infections, especially fungi. When cleaning the genital area, choose products specifically produced for this purpose. If necessary, you can dry your genital area with a hair dryer.

Avoid tight clothing
Tight trousers are the clothes preferred especially by thin women. Although these types of clothes are stylish, they may be harmful to your health. Wearing tight clothing for a long time may cause the moisture content in the genital area to increase.

Prefer cotton underwear
Synthetic underwear are indispensable elements of women's underwear. However, such clothes prevent air circulation and can pave the way for vaginal infections because they do not absorb moisture.

Stay away from irritating substances
Colored toilet papers, perfumes, scented personal hygiene products and soap are the enemies of the genital area. Try not to use these products as much as possible.

Most of the vaginal infections occur during sexual intercourse. It is transmitted between If you do not have a long-term monogamous relationship, be sure to take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases. The only and most effective way to protect yourself from these diseases is condoms.

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