Umbilical Bleeding or Discharge in a Newborn

A small amount of bleeding after the umbilical cord falls off during the newborn period is something we expect.

The bleeding in the umbilical area may be excessive, drop by drop, or accompanied by discharge, skin redness, and residue inside the navel. The appearance of a mass (polyp or granuloma) is a reason for us to consult a doctor.

Continuation of bleeding requires further examination or surgical intervention and treatment. Navel infections; Bleeding and discharge are the main causes.

Bleeding may be a symptom of some vitamin deficiency, blood diseases or other underlying diseases.

These complaints may be a sign of conditions requiring surgical treatment; These are conditions called umbilical granuloma or polyp, which cause bleeding and discharge even though the umbilical cord has fallen off.

Rarely, there are underlying diseases such as congenital ligament between the bladder and the navel or congenital absence of bile ducts, which can cause bleeding disorders. There may be an underlying reason…

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