When I started natural birth training years ago, I saw that the first lesson was correct breathing. Using the right breath in the right place is a very important detail. While discovering breath at birth, I saw that breathing actually plays a role in all our lives. Being able to breathe correctly and relax. Giving and taking, receiving and giving are synchronized, like a ritual. The rhythm of life is actually... The rhythm of a baby rocking in the womb, perhaps the rhythm of the breathing of sex. Listen, observe and feel the universe carefully, silently and patiently. All life is actually based on taking and giving, like the first breath or the last breath...

The main thing in sexuality is to synchronize and catch the right breathing rhythm during a good sex moment with your partner. and being able to relax. That's the whole point of the matter. Take a look at yourself and the sexuality you have experienced so far. Have you felt it when you say "good lovemaking"? Have you made any effort for your spouse? Have you been able to share what you want with your feelings or words? In short, did you invest in your relationship or, as a woman, did you wait for everything to come from your partner? Dear ladies, there was something I shared at the beginning of my article. There is no such thing as giving without receiving in life.

Leave aside that everything in sexuality comes from the partner. Do not live your mother's teachings of "be gentle, be a lady, be a master" towards your spouse. Be honest with your spouse. Share your wishes with him. The essence of good lovemaking lies in being sincere, not trying to role-play, being able to relax, helping the other party relax, and doing this by using the right breathing techniques. See your partner, hear him, feel him, touch him, share his differences and desires, talk and always stay in touch. Communication is the main point between spouses.

Most importantly; Strengthen a man's masculine personality as a man, and a woman's feminine personality as a woman. We live in such an age that our daughters' financial earnings have increased so much that their financial needs for their husbands are perhaps almost non-existent. Since I don't want my words to be misunderstood, I will explain it a little more. Gaining economic freedom and being the hand that holds the money should not cause a woman to lose her feminine identity. In healthy sex Couples should not lose their identities and be able to transfer their masculine and feminine characters to bed.

As a result, men and women have expectations in their mutual relationships. The important thing is to keep these relationships together at a good level. For a good sex, one must be able to relax, breathe, and free his body and mind. If you can achieve breathing integrity with your partner, you can stay in the moment and make sense of it.

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