When Should the First Orthodontic Examination Be Performed in Children?

When Should the First Orthodontic Examination Be Performed in Children?

When should the first orthodontic examination be performed?

The first orthodontic examination should be performed around the age of 7, when the milk teeth of children begin to fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth. In other words, it can be called the period when the first permanent molar tooth erupts.


At What Age Should Orthodontic Treatment Begin?

Starting Treatment It is not correct to specify a specific age range. At what age to start treatment depends on the orthodontic problem. As a result of the orthodontic examination, it will be clear when the treatment should be started. In some cases - especially regarding jaw development - it is very important to catch the growth and development time.


What is the purpose of appliance treatments applied to children?

It is generally used in cases where there are problems with jaw relations. In cases such as jaw stenosis and disproportionate growth of the jaws, removable and removable appliances or fixed appliances can be used to correct jaw relations. Especially the 8-10 age range is very important for orthodontists. Serious problems such as asymmetrical facial development and jaw joint problems can be prevented by correcting jaw relations at these ages, which are very important in terms of growth and development stages.


Jaw problems that are not intervened in the growth and development period will occur in the future. How can it be solved?

While most problems can be easily solved with appliance treatments in childhood, correcting the jaw positions in people with completed bone development can only be done with a surgical intervention. The relationship of the jaws can be corrected with these operations called orthognathic surgery.


What problems does premature extraction of milk teeth cause in children?

Milk Premature extraction of teeth may cause other teeth to slide into this space. This may cause the permanent tooth to be placed in that area to not erupt properly or to remain impacted. In addition, shifts in the positions of other teeth may cause closing problems.


So, is it possible to prevent these problems?

Is it possible to prevent the teeth from falling out?

If the tooth is extracted and its replacement is If there is still time for the first tooth to erupt, space maintainers can be used. In this way, other teeth are prevented from shifting to this area.


Are there situations where milk teeth are not expected to fall out on their own?

Sometimes milk teeth are not expected to fall out on their own. Even if it is time to fall, it may not fall on its own. It may prevent the subsequent permanent tooth from erupting and cause it to move out of a different position. In such cases, the milk tooth is removed without waiting for it to fall out on its own.

In addition, in cases where there is not enough space for permanent teeth, serial extraction or eruption guidance can be performed with the decision of your orthodontist, so that the teeth that will erupt can come more straight.


At what age does braces treatment begin?

Usually, braces treatment begins when all teeth except the second molars have erupted. Thus, it is not necessary to wait for other teeth to erupt while the braces are in the mouth. This corresponds to approximately 12 years of age. However, the age of tooth eruption may vary from person to person. It may be possible to start earlier. Additionally, in some cases, your orthodontist may recommend proceeding with braces treatment without waiting for all the teeth to erupt. Your orthodontist will make the best decision.


Is it too late for braces treatment for people who have gone through this period?

Appliance treatments are aimed at jaw relations. Since there are treatments, growth and development periods are important. However, braces treatments are for correcting tooth positions. It can be performed at any age for people with suitable oral and dental health.


Is there a certain age for Invisalign treatment (Wireless Orthodontic Treatment)?

Invisalign treatment is a treatment method known as orthodontic treatment without braces or orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners. It can be applied to children starting from the eruption of all permanent teeth. For adults, as in braces treatments, age does not matter as long as oral and dental health is good.


What is the treatment duration in orthodontic treatments?

The average treatment duration in orthodontic treatments is 1-2 years. This period varies depending on the degree of orthodontic problem. In appliance treatments, the time is shorter.

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