Callus Between Fingers

Callus Between Fingers

Soft calluses are painful, discharged problems observed in the spaces between the toes. In this problem, the shape changes in the person's toes cause the spaces between the toes to be under pressure. Wearing shoes with pointed toes and high heels, in particular, is a factor that increases the load on the toes. When a person has problems with their feet, such as hammer toes or bunions, their toes get stuck in the front part of the foot. This compression causes the damaged structure in the bone to open by pressing on the soft tissue between the fingers.


In the treatment of this problem, it is primarily recommended to wear shoes with a wide front.

Toe dividers are used to prevent the spaces between the toes from rubbing against each other. Again, special insoles can be used in these patients to ensure that the foot touches the ground properly. In addition to these treatments, it is important for patients to take care of their feet and clean the wounds.

In patients who do not benefit from these treatments or whose complaints increase, correction of the bone deformity that causes callus can be applied.

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