Eating disorders:
Overeats in periods, then vomits, laxatives or purgatives are used. (Medicine that will increase the speed of passage of stool and urine) Cognitive therapy should be started by telling these people that carbohydrate absorption begins in the mouth and that they will never vomit all they eat. Thus, we teach that his strategy does not work. They have both perfectionist and dichotomous mindsets. They want to be thin and eat a lot. They equated their body appearance with their self-esteem. There is an exaggerated interest in physical appearance. "If I am thin, I will be approved." We recommend these people to keep an eating diary. Problem solving training is provided. Efforts are made to increase motivation. Social skills enhancement training should be negotiated over the myth of “if I eat, I will feel good.” Information should be given about body mass index. We should talk about the effects of the endocrine structure (insulin and glucagon hormones) on eating. The rate of leaving food on the plate should be gradually increased and a quarter of the plate should be left behind. Dangerous foods should not be taken into the house. Shopping should be done planned and when you are full. Family cooperation should be ensured. They should be informed about the mineral and vitamin loss caused by laxative purgatives. We must work on family relationships.
We must work with the myth of “If I don't eat, I can't be happy.” We must work with the myth and exaggeration that “drinking water helps.” We need to work on cognitive errors (exaggeration, generalization, all or nothing). We must teach methods of coping with stress. With the root belief of "feeling worthless", automatic thoughts of "I won't be liked if I'm not thin" work in individuals.
In aneroxia nervosa, even though the body mass index is abnormally low, people say "I'm fat" and do excessive dieting and exercising. . As his weight decreases His/her internal processes weaken and his/her insight decreases. No matter how thin he is, even if he is skin and bones, he says 'I'm fat'. As weight decreases, introversion increases. If his relatives don't bring him to the treatment, he won't come. As weight increases, socialization increases. The first goal is to increase the weight and ensure the healthy functioning of the cognitive process. We need to learn when it started, how it started, what are safe foods. Reasons to change are discussed
You will get rid of your hunger symptoms
“There is not much in your life other than food. "You must be open to the innovations of life" will be discussed.
It would not be appropriate to say "you will die if you don't eat" to these perfectionist, ambitious, intelligent people.
The joy of not thinking about food and leaving your mind free is taught.
Feeling cold because of hunger, not being able to sleep. , you are reminded that you cannot recover without feeling exhausted. It should not be weighed too much, it should be weighed once a week, in a session with the therapist. It is wrong to send it to a dietician.

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