Well-being is a whole with mental and physical health. Mental health can be defined as a person's state of harmony with himself and his environment. The main topic I want to touch upon in this article is; The importance of mental health and the society's perspective on mental health.

The most common problem I encounter in the field is that psychological disorders are called with wrong names such as insanity or mental illness. Psychological disorders are the same as any of our organs getting sick. It begins with the deterioration of the chemistry of our brain.

It may not always be possible to precisely draw the boundaries of when spiritual emotions and behaviors are healthy, unhealthy or a sign of disease. However, there are some characteristics that determine whether mental health is normal or not. These are;

1- Being in harmony with oneself depends, first of all, on being free from unnecessary and long-lasting

anxiety, delusions and doubts. Daily worries and sadness

are present in every healthy person and are not considered a sign of psychological disharmony.

But the cause is unknown or lasts for a long time. Anxiety and delusions may be a sign that the psychological balance is disturbed.

2- A person should be able to establish and maintain relationships in the immediate and distant environment in which he lives.

. Apart from family, relatives and people in business life, he/she should also be able to establish and maintain friendships

3- Beyond getting along and cooperating with people, one should be able to establish bonds based on love and respect

. He/she should also focus on love-based relationships with the opposite sex and be able to take responsibility on his/her own in choosing a partner.

4- A person must have self-confidence. He/she must be able to realistically weigh his/her behavior and abilities. He should be able to see himself through the eyes of others.

He should not have a feeling of superiority or inferiority disproportionate to his abilities.

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5- A person must have the feeling that he has a place and duty in society.

He must develop his talents, direct them to productive work, learn from his work and

He should enjoy his success.

6- A person should have plans for the future and realize them. It should also follow a realistic path

. He should try to satisfy his unfulfilled desires through other means


7- A person must have a reserve power to resort to in difficult situations and must be flexible to adapt to new situations.

8-One should not be discouraged by failure and should not give up when faced with difficulties. He should try to overcome the obstacles he encounters with his hope for the future and his fighting power

9- He should be able to make and implement decisions on his own, take responsibility for his decisions

must be able to bear the consequences.

10-Must learn from failure,

One should not attribute the reasons for failure to others, but should be able to criticize oneself.

11-The values ​​and beliefs that the person believes in, which are not in conflict with the society in which he lives, It should be

. In addition, the individual should be open to innovations and free from prejudice.

12-He should respect the beliefs and opinions of others, should be tolerant.

13- Apart from the person's profession, he/she should also engage in entertaining, relaxing and personal development activities such as sports, arts >

They should also have such pursuits.

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