Pregnancy and Obesity

According to research, babies of women who are overweight or obese during pregnancy have a higher chance of being born with cerebral palsy. Researchers examined information on Swedish women who were followed for eight years and more than 1 million children born.

Dr., a professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. "Approximately 2 cases per 1,000 babies carry a risk of cerebral palsy," said Eduardo Villamor. "This risk doubles in women who conceive and give birth while being obese," he stated.

However, Villamor emphasized that the study findings show a relationship between a woman's weight during pregnancy and the risk of cerebral palsy.


Villamor said, "Although the impact of maternal obesity on cerebral palsy appears to be less than other risk factors, the condition is a public health issue due to the large percentage of women worldwide who are overweight or obese." he said.

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect balance and the ability to move and maintain movement. It is the most common motor disability in childhood. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA), the disease is caused by damage to the developing part of the brain that affects its ability to control muscles.

Many people who suffer from cerebral palsy also experience other health problems: intellectual disability, seizures, vision and hearing. or speech-related problems, changes in the spine.

Weight loss and obesity can increase the risk of some complications in early pregnancy and negatively affect the health of mothers and children. Some studies have indicated that losing weight before pregnancy may reduce some of these risks. Childhood obesity risk points to pregnancy "Pre-pregnancy weight loss may provide some health benefits during and after pregnancy," Villamor said. "All the data points to the same issue; being at a healthy weight before pregnancy and gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy has good outcomes." Do the best you can before pregnancy.

In the study, Villamor and colleagues collected data on more than 1.4 million children born in Sweden from 1997 to 2011. Eventually more than 3,000 children I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In 71 percent of cerebral palsy cases, the association between maternal obesity and cerebral palsy was statistically significant. There was no statistical significance for preterm babies, the researchers noted. However, environmental factors linked to obesity, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and hormonal abnormalities, can trigger a genetic predisposition for the condition.

"If you're planning a pregnancy and you want to be healthy going into the pregnancy," Roye said. Getting in top shape involves maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding smoking and alcohol and continuing to exercise, he said. Roye emphasized that the time to lose weight is before getting pregnant. "It's not a good plan for someone to decide to lose weight, especially after they're pregnant," she said. "You should be doing the best you can before you start pregnancy.

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