When the causes of our patients with weight problems are examined, we encounter excessive food consumption due to psychological reasons rather than organic-based reasons (slowed metabolism, hypothyroidism developing after Hashimoto's disease, development of insulin resistance, genetic predispositions and metabolic diseases), which are the source of excessive weight gain in most of them. When we exclude organically caused weight gain, we are talking about psychologically motivated overeating behavior, which is more common in female patients and relatively less common in male patients. Here, we are talking about consuming much more food than one's needs.
We see that the 'Act of Eating', which is described as 'acting out', is carried out in the form of eating almost every time a person feels bad. He finds the solution in food. Because these acts of eating are repeated over time, and because of the frequency of crisis periods that occur with this eating, and because of waking up at night and eating, people reach abnormal weights in a short time. Then, they cling to harsh diet prescriptions, and some people do this as well. Unable to do so, he tries to survive by gaining more and more weight every year.
Again, it is known that some people's "Eating Behavior Disorders" have an important place among psychological diseases. In situations where anxiety is intense, such as feeling bad, feeling of intense loneliness and worthlessness, feeling of emptiness, and not knowing how to calm oneself, they set up camp in front of the refrigerator and go back and forth to fill the emotional void they fall into and as a way of consoling themselves, binge eating, eating, and eating until they explode excessively. food and eating… 
Even so, eating like crazy without looking at anything else, hugging tightly to chocolate and its derivatives, which are known as endorphin sources, eating sugary / carbohydrate-rich foods such as cream cakes, pastries and donuts, which are very popular in our country. It is said that there is a tendency for additional relaxation.

It is a fact that waking up at night and eating is constantly present, all greed and anger are taken out by food, the person makes it a habit to relax and feel good by eating, and in this way he helps to melt away his anger. What does the person do? Unfortunately, we are talking about a situation in which people can keep their emotions that they cannot express outside, and the words that remain inside them that they cannot say, only by eating these emotions.
Here, people eat in an aggressive manner, eliminating their problems and things that upset them, and feeling as if they are solving their problems, trying to relieve their distress. What he did..
As a result, the cost of behaving this way for days, months and even years confronts the person as a serious obesity problem.
Another problem, perhaps more serious and difficult than all of them, has been added to the existing life problems that he cannot cope with. . Most people can say that they have experienced a similar eating behavior, if not to this degree, but to a lesser extent, for a short time in some challenging and stressful periods of their lives. Even though this is limited within normal limits, pathological eating behavior is the same.
Apart from this type of eating pathology, ' We can sometimes see one or more of the other forms of 'Pathological Behavior' in these people. They have personality problems and it can overwhelm the person and make him feel cornered. During bad and unhappy periods, the person may engage in crazy behavior, such as excessive shopping, excessive alcohol consumption and even drug use, inconsistent and sudden sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, driving too fast, and engaging in excessive and continuous exercise to the point of harming oneself. It should not be forgotten that people can adopt it.
It is almost inevitable that a person who cannot bear to fill the void in his life, look inside himself and tolerate himself, will resort to the behavior that he feels will be best for him at that moment.
In order to avoid the feeling of emptiness by going to extremes.
Among such behaviors, overeating is undoubtedly the one that puts the person in the most difficult situation. In fact, it negatively affects the social life and relationships of our patients, further disrupting their psychology, and can also become a cause of unhappiness and even depression. The number of people who have spent years with this behavior and have lived with diet lists in their hands throughout their lives, and who say that they have spent almost their entire life on a diet, is not small at all. It is a common situation to be. The situation referred to as ORAL ADDICTION includes overeating and excessive smoking by the person.
While many people say that they cannot quit smoking because they are afraid of gaining weight, they are actually engaging in a kind of rationalization.
It is clear that smoking is not the savior it is thought to be in terms of preventing eating. You should try to get rid of addictions such as overeating, smoking and smoking, which we call oral addictions, at an early age, live healthy and happily by eating as much as you need, and try to solve your problems instead of trying to endure the problems in your life that you cannot change and that you find difficult to tolerate by harming yourself.
Personality disorder, oral The best thing you can do for people who are stuck in addictive periods of personality development is to get psychotherapy help and learn to treat their bodies better and love themselves. It is necessary to try to solve "Eating Disorders" by examining their structures and using supportive or dynamic therapy approaches towards the solution.

Clinical Psychologist

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