Is your child ready for school?

Let's have our child who is a candidate to start school take a school readiness test. Thus, let our experts examine your little ones' learning and attention processes in terms of number and reading maturity. A summer activity plan should be prepared accordingly. If necessary, a re-evaluation will be made after a while, based on the guidance of the specialist, and it will be decided that the child goes to school. In addition, the child's social emotional development should be examined and suggestions for improvement should be presented. This way, your children's weak areas will be strengthened. Let them be happy and healthy children by enjoying success. Is Your Child Ready for School? How is School Readiness Formed?
The first grade of primary education is one of the important turning points in our child's life. Whether our child goes to kindergarten or not, he will have a different experience by going to primary education. The rules and activities during the day will change for the little ones starting school. There will be more time spent with new friends and new adults. Therefore, the tasks to be accomplished regarding emotional and social adaptation will be listed one by one. Our child will begin to participate in the activities required by programmed teaching. For this reason, he/she will have to follow the rules within a certain discipline and do what the teacher says. And most importantly, he will face tasks such as learning reading, writing, arithmetic and similar subjects. The important task expected to be accomplished in the academic field in the first grade of primary school is seen as learning reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills. We observe that whether children have experience with reading and writing before starting schools where the literacy program is implemented affects their literacy development and school success. Those who continue pre-school education and who are experiencing adaptation processes in pre-school education Children who complete the exam are more fortunate when starting the first grade.
The school readiness test measures whether the child is ready for school. It is important to scan the academic strengths and weaknesses of children who will start school next year by taking a school readiness test during these months. Thus, your child will undergo a screening to determine whether his/her visual perception, visual attention, auditory attention, vocabulary, copying, sentence comprehension and numerical skills are at the age level. It means our child has missing areas. Our child who we send to school by completing his/her deficiencies will internalize the feeling of success. He will enjoy learning. Our child, who we take to school just because he is old enough, regardless of whether he is ready, will be at risk. If he is not ready for school, he will be emotionally traumatized. He will experience the feeling of success. Even if you later try to help him/her by completing his/her deficiencies from the preschool period, achieving results will not be as quick as when you take precautions from the beginning.

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