Treat Your Child with Play!

Treat Your Child with Play!

Let it be such a situation that parents can have a clear conscience about their children and can concentrate better on their own work. That's right; When all family members return home in the evening, they want to look at each other with love, without any trouble. As life gets easier, it often feels like a truckload of loads is being placed at the other end of the scale. In other words, the emotional weight falls on the person. At this point, filial therapy comes into play and improves good communication skills with the child; It also allows you to spend quality time with the child!

The play environment is the place where the child can express himself best and touch his world most easily. Spoken language and love language are still games in the child's eyes. When taking a child to therapy, experts prefer to play with him instead of talking like an adult. So they use play therapy with children. Filial therapy is the name given to the family applying play therapy at home instead of the therapist. Thus, for 45 minutes a week, parents spend quality time with their children while meeting their mutual psychological needs.

So it can be said that Filial therapy provides the family with the role of a play therapist. Parents who begin to use therapeutic language towards their children and understand that they should be with them rather than against them will also acquire the skills of raising a good child. They learn how to establish a relationship with their child not only for 45 minutes, but also at all other times. Parents who make it a habit to spend productive time instead of being with their children all the time will also achieve that inner peace.


Parents who prefer filial therapy first contact a play therapist. . After receiving detailed information about play therapy, the filial therapy process, consisting of 20 sessions, begins. Parents record videos throughout the application, each 45 minutes long, once a week, and meet with their therapist to get feedback after each session. Thus, at the end of 20 sessions, parents will have learned many techniques on raising children thoroughly.


How about filial therapy for a good child education?


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